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Dinacharya Retreat with Dr. Vijith & Team

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"The Secret of Daily Routine” 

"Dinacharya – Daily Routine or the Ayurvedic Secret of Keeping a Good Flow in Your Life.” 

These retreats will be about Dinacharya and Abhyanga – and are for all of you who really want to understand why daily routine is so important, how to apply and how to advise it to your potential clients or yoga students, and how to do Abhyanga in a way that simply supports that.

Here you can see a short movie about the clinic and the work from Dr. Vijith. It also includes an interview with Coen van der Kroon and teachings from Dr. Vijith with our students.

Daily routine is considered Medicine Nr. 1 in ayurveda, so it is beneficial and wise to dive deep into this matter, for all who study ayurveda and yoga. This deeper knowledge on how the flow of life supports health and stability for all of us. Starting with practical things like tongue scraping, and applying eye powder, and so forth, up to prayer and meditation: we all get it explained in depth by Dr. Vijith AND we all LIVE it during these days of the retreat. A prefect combination!

This seminar is an excellent addition for all who have done the Nutrition Course as well as everyone who did another introductory module on Ayurveda. But even though announced as a beginners retreat – also more advanced students can still always benefit from this retreat, as it is taught by an expert ayurveda physician – Dr. Vijith, supported by his wife Dr. Vidya - who can teach at more levels at the same time.

Dr. Vijith and Dr. Vidya are great teachers of authentic ayurveda – and it is my personal experience that when you study with such teachers – your understanding speeds up at least 3-fold. Also – and especially so – on a deeper level! Dr. Vijith and Dr. Vidya teach straight from the Classical Texts, but in a way which is super-accessible and modern.

This retreat provides absolute outstanding ayurveda education, especially so if you already plan to continue studies at the Delight Academy | Ayurveda, as we will offer – in our continuing curriculum – more and more direct study with Dr. Vijith, through video classes and through intern programs in India.

by Dr. Vijith, Dr. Vidya and assistant 

Schedule (approximate):
06.00: getting up individual morning routine such as meditation, yoga
06.30: puja, agnihotra
07.00: morning routine, nasya, anjana, gandusha followed by tea break
08.00: practical lesson
10.00: breakfast - vegetarian ayurvedic
11.00: theory lessons
15.30: tea break
16.00: practical lessons
19.00: dinner - vegetarian ayurvedic
(all subject to small changes)

"Dr. Vijith's clear way of teaching based on the classic text 'Ashtanga Hridayam' gave much depth and inspiration. The Dinacharya Retreat in Loenen was also a great success: 3 days with one of the best teachers in the field of Ayurveda in the beautiful countryside in Loenen was a memorable experience for me and all participants." 


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