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Seminars with Dr. Vijith

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Advanced seminars with Dr. Vijith, May 2017

These seminars are for advanced students and continued education for former students, practitioners and anyone who wants to get acquainted with Dr. Vijith's advanced clinical training (for example when you consider doing the complete video class series in India or the advanced internship in India).


See below the details per seminar:

    • 11 May: “Rasayana : Path towards the essence!”
    • 13/14 May: "Ayurveda and Yoga Texts - Reciting and Learning to Think Both Spiritually ánd Scientifically
    • 15/16 May: "Classical Formulations for Different Digestive Disorders - How to Clinically Distinguish & Manage Digestive Complaints”  (FREE Seminar at Holisan)
    • 27/28 May: "Diseases of bones & Joints: A cross-referential clinical approach – including choosing the right remedies, oils and treatments” 

11 May 2017:


“Rasayana : Path towards the essence!”


"Several ways to support the juice of essence according to ayurveda; from substances to behavior to spirituality” 

In this (special class) lecture, Dr. Vijith will take you on a short and introductory journey through the vast topic of Rasayana – all the arts and ways to stay healthy, rejuvenated, full of vitality and abundant with life-sap. Rasa literally means ‘juice’ or ‘sap’.

In ayurveda this topic is often referred to in relation to rejuvenating medicines, herbs and food substances. But in the ancient writings Rasayana also refers to ways of behavior that are essential to stay healthy, as well as spiritual attitudes and practices that are helpful to function optimally as a human being, at the same time also having a positive effect on a physical level!

Come and join Dr. Vijith for this special class: a class which can beneficial for all those who live a yoga or an ayurveda life, or both of course.

Location: Delight Yoga, {location}, Amsterdam

Time: 19 – 21 pm (evening lecture)

Price: €.20


13/14 May 2017: 


"Ayurveda and Yoga Texts


"Reciting and Learning to Think Both Spiritually ánd Scientifically

The ancients texts of Ayurveda and Yoga have long been the ultimate resource for teaching as well as learning tools within the millenia old traditions of these healing sciences of life.

The texts themselves are considered authoritative and to some extent also complete in themselves. In Ayurveda this particularly counts for the Brihat Trayi – the Big Three – texts: Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Ashtanga Hridaya Samhita. Each of those texts can be studied independently as complete ‘study tracks’. But also in Yoga there are several of these authoritative texts, for example the Hatha Yoga Pradeepika.

The Ashtanga Hridaya Samhita is a special Ayurveda text in itself, as it is said to represent the essential teaching form the other two main Ayurveda texts, and this in a very condensed and logically built up structure – written in poetry to remember it more effectively and to even deeper penetrate the consciousness of the student.

In this seminar Dr. Vijith will explore with you some essental parts of these texts: reciting and singing them together (which is ‘spiritual therapy’ in itself!), going into the deeper esoteric understanding of some sutra’s (poetic verses), and diving into the science of deeper (self) thinking based on the underlying higher reasoning in these texts. Plus he will compare the Ashtanga Hridaya Samhita to the Hatha Yoga Pradeepika in this seminar!

Verily a spiritual journey, this weekend – with many practical implications for your daily and practicing life as well, regardless of whether your focus is more on ayurveda or on yoga.

Location: Babaji Ashram, Loenen (Gld)

Price: € 180


15/16 May 2017:


"Classical Formulations for Digestive Disorders”


"How to Clinically Distinguish & Manage Digestive Complaints” 

The transformational force in our digestive tract is called Agni. Agni rules our digestion and metabolism, from gut to brain, and is key to optimal health. Agni works together – as one ‘team’ – with the three doshas: vata, pitta and kapha. Each of these three doshas can influence and affect Agni, for better or for worse.

Ayurveda has always worked with this key important concept, also on a very clinical and applied level. It has designed many very effective fomrulations for the many different aberrations and disturbances that can develop in this area of the human ‘microbiome’.                                 

Good and complete formulations – based on a thorough approach of pharmacology – can handle more aspects of Agni and doshas at the same time. They are so called broad spectrum pharmacological tools, for the digestion and metabolism to come back and return to an optimal and balanced state. This – in turn – is also of key importance in treating diseases who have developed into more deep pathological patterns, beyond the digestive and superficial metabolic levels. For example, correctly treating digestive complaints can be key in treating arthritis of Ama-related origin, correctly treating metabolic disorder can be key in treating developed diabetes, etcetera.

In these two seminar days Dr. Vijith will share his interesting clinical experiences on working with the Agni principle and its relationship with the three doshas. Highly useful for your own practice in dealing more effectively with digestive and metabolic disorders, which can range from simple gut troubles to deeper metabolic disorders as well as psychosomatic disorders such as depression. Ayurveda offers very good classical formulations for the management of various and distinct digestive disorders.

We will discuss these formulations in this bigger context of Agni functions and disorders. You are invited to bring in (questions regarding) your own case studies/clients. 

Location: Holisan, Lelystad

Price: FREE; Registration through Holisan’s website only


27/28 May 2017: 


“Diseases of bones & joints”


"A cross-referential clinical approach – including choosing the right remedies, oils and treatments” 

This 2-day seminar will be about the importance of Vata Dosha and its management regarding bones & joint diseases. Vata is involved in most diseases and disorders of bones and joints, but nevertheless the pathology might be entirely different in seemingly similar bones & joint diseases.

It is thus of extreme importance to understand the pathology of bones & joint diseases based on agni, doshas, dhatus and mala. For example, how does this relate to the differences and distinctions between Amavata, Sandhi(gata)vata, Vatarakta, etcetera? How can we find out the details through clinical observation and asking the correct (cross-referential) questions? How do we (then) chose the correct remedies, tailas, and treatments? How to modify or correct treatments in case of side effects in more complicated cases?

The purpose of this seminar is to connect you with what are the clinical key factors in bones & joint diseases and how to practically apply this in all aspects of ayurvedic treatment – from very simple to more advanced interventions. 

Location: Babaji Ashram, Loenen

Price: € 180

Sign up: Through Delight Academy - click here

Here you can see a short movie about the clinic and the work from Dr. Vijith.
It also includes an interview with Coen van der Kroon and teachings from Dr. Vijith with our students.

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            Dr. Vijith                            Dr. Vidya

Seminars Dr. Vijith

Dates: 2017

on specific themes:

13-14 & 27-28 Location: Babaji Ashram Loenen;

15-16 Location: Holisan Lelystad (Registration through Holisan’s website only)


from 10.00 - 17.00  


€ 180,00


Sada Shiva Dham Ashram Loenen, Vrijenbergweg 60, 7371 AB Loenen (G) [Room & Board options below]

Holisan Lelystad



Sada Shiva Dham Ashram -Loenen: +31 (0)55 505 2871

Website: Contact

Room & Board: If you want room & board during the seminar, it can be arranged if you like; please call the ashram.

Lunch: If you can, please make use of the the lunch facility they offer. There are small dietary adjustments possible if needed. (please let the ashram know by giving them a call)

Costs: Amount(s) to be paid to the ashram directly (not to AAS) upon arrival.

  • Lunch only: € 15,00 per lunch
  • Room & Board: € 45,00 per night

from Dr. Vijith's website and his clinic, see also:

"A physician in Ayurvedic terms is known as VAIDYA, or one who has a perfect knowledge about the subject. Here Ayurveda being a very personalized knowledge system it demands a long and arduous training in the theory and practice of the system under a GURU or preceptor. The soul of this institution is one such rare personality who had an intensive training under two of the best practicing traditions existing in Kerala. Vaidya Vijith Sasidhar after acquiring his graduation in Ayurveda decided to go in for the traditional learning and the result has been a fine practitioner who is not ready to be constrained under the shackles of orthodoxy and embraces the universality of the science in its true sense.

Vaidya Vijith has also worked on several path breaking research programs in one of the best research institutions in India. Of late, he has been on a pursuit of designing innovative practice methods for meeting the demands of a rapidly changing world.

Sreekrishna Ayurveda Chikitsa Kendram has been his personal dream. This healing institution blends the olden tradition of ayurveda in which the home of Ayurvedic physician used to be the home of the patient during the time of treatment procedures which ensured a personal care and constant support by the physician and modern amenities for a demanding world. Situated on the picturesque banks of the Vadayar River it ensures a healing touch to your body and soul.

Over the time in order to meet the growing demands two like minded physicians from the same tradition have been brought in to fulfill the idea of personalized care. Dr. Sreejith K.J. and Dr. Diana Sreejith would be serving as the resident physicians to provide round the clock services to the patrons."

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